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Works of Richard Marsden

The Works of Richard Marsden. Writing and Historical European Martial Arts.

Contact the Author

Richard Marsden is a History teacher, holds a Masters Degree in Land Warfare, courtesy AMU and is co-founder of the Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmanship along with John Patterson. Richard has won numerous medals at Historical Fencing tournaments and so have his students as well as their students. He was President of the HEMA Alliance and holds HEMA Alliance Instructor Certification in Fiore Longsword, Giganti Rapier, and Polish Saber. He has taught classes on various historical fencing techniques at various events in North America. He is also the co-author of over fifty short stories, an RPG expansion for Savage Worlds, War of the Worlds: The Remains, and is the author of The Polish Saber: The Use of the Polish Saber on Foot in the 17th century. He has a loving wife who tolerates his many eccentricities.

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